We get it, it's not as convenient as it could be.

Unfortunately, since becoming the new operators of the site in January of 2019 we became inundated with SPAM and emails directed to the previous owners of the site.

To better serve your needs, and be able to respond in a timely manner, we implemented the ticket system.

How does a ticket system better serve you, our valued customer?

Because you have to click a valid link to activate your support account, it filters out the ability for people to inundate us with a multitude of fake messages from bogus email addresses.

We understand it takes a few extra moments of your time, but this assures you will receive a response much sooner than if we had to filter through dozens of bogus support requests.

We have tried to make it easier by allowing for login to the support portal through trusted services, such as Facebook, Google and Twitter.

If you made a purchase on or before January 2, 2019, please contact the previous operator Save The Bees Project here for resolution to your earlier order-related issue.